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Shade/Ornamental Trees


Blue Atlas Cedar


Blue Spruce


Bonfire Patio Peach


Chinese Fringe


Chinese Pistache


Crabapple, Prairie Fire----


Crabapple, Sugar Thyme----


Cypress, Bald


Cypress, Bald Columnar


Cypress, Bald Weeping


Cypress, Pond


Deodar Cedar


Japanese Maple, Bloodgood


Japanese Maple, Crimson Queen


Japanese Maple, Emperor I


Japanese Maple, Oshio-Beni


Japanese Maple, Seedling


Japanese Maple, Tamekuyama


Lacebark Elm/Chinese Elm


Linden Greenspire


Magnolia, D. D. Blanchard


Magnolia, Jane (pink flowering)


Magnolia, Sweet  Bay


Magnolia, Teddy Bear


Magnolia, White Flowering


Maple, Autumn Blaze


Maple, Red


Maple, October Glory


Maple, Shangtung


Maple, Summer


Oak, Chinkapin


Oak, Northern Red


Oak, Pin


Oak, Regal Prince


Oak, Sawtoothed


Oak, Shumard


Oak, White


Oak, Willow


Pine, Loblolly


Pine, Scotch


Purple Leaf Flowering Plum


Purple Leaf Plum, Krauter Vesuvius


Redbud, Burgundy Hearts


Redbud, Forest Pansy


Redbud, Eastern


Redbud, Oklahoma


Redbud, Rising Sun




Tulip Tree


Weeping Bald Cypress


Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar


Weeping Mulberry


Weeping Willow






Fruit Trees and Shrubs


Apple, Arkansas Black


Apple, Granny Smith, Dwarf


Apple, Granny Smith


Apple, Honeycrisp Semi-Dwarf


Apple, McIntosh


Apple, Red Delicious


Apple, Yellow Delicious


Assorted Apricot


Blackberry, Thornless ‘Arapahoe’


Blackberry, Thornless ‘Natchez’


Blueberry, Blueray


Blueberry, Blue Jay


Blueberry, Climax


Blueberry, Duke


Blueberry, Misty


Blueberry, Premier


Fig, Celeste


Fig, Brown Turkey


Fruit Salad Tree


Grape, Concord


Grape, Niagara


Grape, Mars


Grape, Thompson


Peach, Elberta


Peach, Loring


Peach, Red Haven


Pear, Ayers


Pear, Bartlett


Pear, Kieffer


Pear, Orient


Plum, Santa Rosa


Strawberry,  Allstar


Strawberry, Ever bearing


Strawberry, Sequoia



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