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Big Creek Nursery's Country Store

We’ve learned over the years that whether it's homemade popcorn, a handmade apron, or a handcrafted cider press, some of the tastiest, most meaningful, and most reliable things in life are made by hand.


We opened our country store in September 2018 to share with our customers not only our appreciation for handmade and high-quality goods, but also our our vision for living simply. Several of us have fond memories of childhood and simpler times --- before everything connected to Wi-Fi, was a "smart" device, or did the work for us --- like popcorn hand-cranked on the stove or canning produce from the garden. There is a way of life, typically called "homesteading," that we wanted to help preserve and encourage through the products we sell.


Our country store is filled with canning supplies and stainless steel cookware; Amish-made preserves; children's toys and classic games that require no electrical power; bulk food; fresh baked goods (Thursday -Saturday) ; and much more. We've been told by customers that there's nothing else like it in Stillwater.

New and restocked items include:

  • Euroscrubbies: no-scratch cloth scrubbies

  • Sterling Wood cutting boards and turn tables

  • Large stainless steel measuring spoons

  • Pitting spoons for peaches, pears, and more

  • Park Designs® kitchen towel sets

  • Salt shaker and pepper grinder sets

  • Kilner® oil bottles

  • Unique tea infusers

  • Oil Lamps

  • Children's toys and much more

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