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In addition to our nursery and country store, we sell small farm agricultural structures in store and off site at various locations.


For greenhouses, chicken coops, and feed rooms, click on the "get an estimate button" below and build your own today using our online configurator! 

For inquiries on our structures, please call us at (405) 743-2620.



Our standard-model greenhouses range in size from 8'x10' to 12'x20' and include a water hookup, one auto-opening end-wall vent, and one storm door. 

Mini greenhouses are either 6'x10' or 6'x14' and include one auto-opening vent and one walk-thru door.

Hot House Tractors are 4'x7' and include one auto-opening vent and wheels on the back end.

All greenhouses are floor-less and made from double wall polycarbonate. An electrical package and other add-on options may be purchased for additional cost for most greenhouse models.

Chicken Coops 


Our largest chicken coops range in size from 8'x16' to 8'x24' and include an enclosed roosting area with a 3/4" plywood floor and a floor-less chicken run.


Mini coops can be purchased in either a 6'X10' or 6'x14' size and include a 4'X6' enclosed roosting area with a 4-hole nest box.

Chicken tractors are 4'x7' in size (3'x4' enclosed area plus 4'x4' run) and include a 2-hole nest box


All chicken coops are made with pressure treated wood framing to extend the life of the coop. Add-on and upgrade options may be purchased for additional cost.


We also offer high-quality, custom pre-built and on-site decks.

All of our decks are constructed with pressure treated yellow pine and are fastened together with screws and bolts for optimum strength and durability. All standard decks are 32" tall and include one set of 3' steps with handrails. Custom height and ramp options are available for an additional charge.

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